She can’t see the landscape anymore. It’s all painted in her grief. All of her history etched out at her feet. Now all of the landscape. Its just an empty place. Acres of longing. Mountains of tenderness.  Cause she’s just like the weather. Can’t hold her together. Born from dark water. Daughter of the rain and snow. Cause it’s burning through the bloodine. It’s cutting down the family tree. Growind in the landscape, darling, in between you and me. She wants the silence but fears the solitude; She wants to be alone and together with you. So she ran to the lighthouse. Hoped that it would help her see. She saw that the lighthouse had been washed out to sea. I wanna give you back the open sky. Give you back the open sea. Open up the ages, darling, for you to see. You put the gun into your mouth to bite. You pull it and spit out.  Cause it’s running in the family. All the rituals of you and me.


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